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Put It In The Movies

September 1, 2011 Richard Lewis 0

We love a good moan in e-sports. It’s understandable. Volunteer workers stretched to breaking point, genuine community people overshadowed by greedy hustlers, talent never sees […]

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Oh You Guys

August 15, 2011 Richard Lewis 0

What a week I’ve been having. Internet cruelly snatched away from me via a series of incompetence that opens up a whole new branch of […]

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Get It Together

August 9, 2011 Richard Lewis 0

A strange day to be sure. I spent the evening catching the riots unfolding outside from where I was staying in Birmingham, watching the local […]

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August 2, 2011 Richard Lewis 0

The news that players have been invited to Seattle by Valve to discuss “their next move” regarding the future of Counter-Strike: Source has now been […]

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Be Cool

July 26, 2011 Richard Lewis 0

Following on from the Kotaku debate and the assertion from many in the relevant circles that the e-sports “product” (a word used by twats to […]