How Case Opening Sites Scam Their Customers

Since the introduction of skins to Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it seems that the community around that game has lurched from one scandal to another. The in-game cosmetic items quickly became like a second currency for players and Steam users alike and this contributed to an unprecedented growth spurt in the amount of people interested in the game. The playerbase and viewership sky-rocketed and CS:GO was at the forefront at promoting mainstream interest in esports. While it is fair to say that skins played a huge role in getting us to where we are now, their existence has also been instrumental in some of Counter-Strikes lowest points. Match-fixing, scamming and gambling all followed and today we’re going to present the latest in a long line of examples of dishonesty, so called “case opening” sites. First, for the uninitiated, here’s how we got to this moment in time.

Skins were first introduced to CS:GO in August 2013 with the “Arms Deal” update. Following a similar methodology to Valve’s other titles Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2, this saw cosmetic items of varying scarcity become obtainable for players via in-game rewards, trading with other players or opening cases. The case-opening system was one that was profitable. A key would cost $2.49 and would, more often than not, lead to obtaining an item worth far less than this amount. Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell held a philosophy that earning items that would retain value for players after they put down the game was a way of rewarding their dedication. He did acknowledge that there could be problems with the rise of a virtual currency on the Steam platform. “I’m worried that there are a set of initial conditions that have different outcomes,” he said adding they would put in the “right kind of structures” to stop any unintended consequences.



Some of these checks and balances included limiting Steam Market purchases to $400 when many of the desirable items had values of thousands of dollars (a move that was subsequently changed anyway). However, with the Steam API openly available this allowed numerous sites to offer the ability to trade items for sizable sums of real money, either through Paypal or Bitcoin. This also had the effect of bypassing Valve’s 15% transaction fee, these sites often taking a smaller but still profitable cut. What happened to CS:GO, which hadn’t taken off quite so much with Valve’s other titles, was the rise of popular gambling sites where these skins were used as casino chips or markers.

These sites themselves presented an amazing financial opportunity within a loophole. While America’s somewhat draconian laws about gambling mean it is illegal in 46 states, it has also been ruled that using virtual goods or currencies to place bets doesn’t count. With everyone clamoring to get a piece of this unregulated license to print money, a spate of sites flooded the market, many of them with poor age checking tools and giving access to the owners to potentially rig outcomes. As the owners of these sites became more and more greedy it was inevitable that skeletons would start tumbling out of the closet and when Trevor “Tmartn” Martin and Thomas Cassell were caught promoting CSGO Lotto without disclosing that they owned it, that lit the torch paper for a series of scandals that meant they had the undivided attention of the media and lawyers. Next came Mohamad “m0E” Assad coming out and admitting the site he publicly endorsed, CSGO Diamonds, used their coder’s privilege to rig outcomes so he would know how to bet. Then leaked Skype logs showed James “Phantoml0rd” Varga asking the coder of a website he’d not disclosed he owned, CS:GO Shuffle, for percentages on future rolls so he could also rig outcomes. People were starting to realise just how dirty the seemingly friendly and harmless world of skins gambling had become. These were just some of the grotesque realities in the newly established $5 billion industry.



With several class action suits being compiled and a slew of negative media coverage about how underage kids had been turned into hardcore gambling addicts, Valve were compelled to intervene. They issued a cease and desist letter to any site that was using their API for commercial purposes informing them they would have to shut down or face the consequences. This led to some sites closing, in some cases even pocketing their customer’s skins on the way out of business. Other sites repurposed themselves and found workarounds. It didn’t shut down gambling entirely by any means but it dealt it a blow and forced some of the more popular sites to enter into the more regulated world of gambling. It also led to a spike of people who wanted to bet on the outcome of competitive matches using cash betting sites.

Lost in all of the noise were “case opening” sites. These supposedly offered the same experience as a Valve case opening at a reduced price. Free from the stigma and sudden attention the gambling sites were getting, case-opening sites started to gain in popularity and were filling the economic void for streamers and e-celebrities that lack of gambling sponsorships had left in their absence. Given that they emulate a service Valve themselves offer, many have accepted that not only is this not gambling in any traditional sense but also that the grounds for dishonesty are greatly reduced. These sites have gone on to become million dollar enterprises in plain sight, free from any of the scrutiny or criticism that toppled popular skins gambling portals. It is quite telling that there are numerous examples of case-opening sites that are owned by the same entities that profited from the skins gambling boom. What could go wrong?

Enter our source, a coder who had been commissioned to code many of these case-opening sites. The ones he didn’t code were often stolen from one he did and he’s consulted with others on best practices. Unsurprisingly skilled with computers, we’ll refer to him as David for the rest of this piece, a reference to Matthew Broderick’s character in the 80’s film “War Games” and my idea of humour. He contacted us out of the blue saying he couldn’t any longer sit idle while the people commissioning him to code these sites were increasing their requests for features that were inherently dishonest and deceptive. While he acknowledges the part he has played in what we are about to report, it’s also true to say that his level of insight and knowledge of the inner workings of these sites would be limited to a handful of people, the majority of whom certainly have no desire for the truth to be known. While we won’t name any specific websites in our report David says it best. “They all operate this way.” This might be hyperbole on his part. From what we’ve seen if you happen to know the name of one of these sites, then yes, there’s a good chance we are talking about that one, although we couldn’t say that we agree with David’s assessment with any certainty.

So, just to state the obvious Valve’s case-openings are obviously regulated and there’s no implication that their case openings are in any way dubious. As of May this year a new law was introduced in China made it mandatory to show the chance of winning every item in online games that have such “drops.” Valve has complied with this for this region and it is likely that other parts of the world will follow this more consumer friendly practice. Currently however, while you can trust in the legitimacy of opening a case purchased on the Steam Market the same cannot be said for these virtual cases that third party case-opening sites offer.

First for the revelation that won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has used these sites or has any worldly experience. The rate at which users on the site won could all be manually chosen. In short, the house can change the odds to a point where literally no-one wins if they so wish. David showed us that the panel for the site had two separate set of odds for rolling high value or rare items, one for the customers who actually deposit money on to the site and another for the “free spins” that potential customers can use ahead of committing their money. In the example we were shown that the odds for desirable items were the same as any other item on the free spin service but for customers who had deposited their items the win percentage was set to a flat “0,” meaning there was exactly no chance that they could ever win these items.



Internally the person who commissioned the site had a name for the setting where odds can be set so as to make winning anything other than the cheapest available items impossible or close to it. Apparently he isn’t the only one to use the term…

“Rape mode” David said.

“Rape mode?” We asked.

“Yeah… That was when I decided to stop working because it’s like ‘what the fuck are you even talking about?’ He literally called this setting ‘rape mode’ and he could turn it on and off. When it was on you could only land the cheapest two skins from any case. Always.”

When we looked at the value of these skins across each of the cases offered the average “sell back” price to the customer (this is the amount the skin was valued at if the customer converted it to credit for more openings) was approximately $1.20, with the lowest being 76 cents. This meant that, at $2 per opening, when this mode was on the site could only make a profit. It’s also worth noting that the buy back price was marginally inflated over that the skin would command on the Steam market, a mechanic designed to encourage players to continually convert low level earnings back into openings.



“There has to be something wrong with that” David said exasperated. “On the front of the site it says you can win a knife, or an expensive item… Meanwhile the site has it set to zero so you literally can’t. Every site I’ve worked on does it this way and requests these features.”

In addition to this the owners of these sites can manually set the “recently won” feed to display anything they want. This can give the appearance that a site is being more generous than it actually is, encouraging people to purchase more cases only to be disappointed with the results. “One site I worked on even had it coded so it automatically removed all the lower items from the recent wins, so it appeared that it was only giving out premium items” David added.



If this isn’t shocking enough, things become even more dishonest when it comes to the matter of promotion deals that are negotiated with the people who these sites sponsor. Youtube and streaming sponsorships have been constantly in the headlines the past few years, typically for non-disclosure or because the personalities are accused of endorsing products or services that make dubious claims or engage in unethical practices. What we were shown gives us little doubt that the people who publicly endorse these sites can easily often benefit directly from deceiving the site’s customers.

These sponsorships are already lucrative. For someone with the right number of followers and social media reach they can reach tens of thousands of dollars every month, in a combination of cash and skins. However, in addition to this these streamers will enjoy a higher rate of winning than the average customer, one determined by their status and programmed by people with access to the site back-end. This is called the “soak system,” which David again explained in layman’s terms.

“When a Youtuber or some other personality signs up to promote the site, they make a note of their email address linked to their account and assign two special settings to it. The first is the number of times they win out of every ten openings. The second is a total value of skins they can win in this manner, up to any limit. So, let’s say it is set to 2 times out ten that they win and the value is $2000, the sponsored party will win premium items 2 times every ten spins to a total value of $2000, at which point the spinning reverts to normal. For heavy users, people who would stream for hours at a time just spinning, there is even a setting to incrementally increase the total soak value every ten spins to ensure they keep winning premium items over long settings.”



It is also possible for someone with the highest level of access to the website’s panel to simply hit a big win for a sponsored content creator. “If they know what time the person is streaming or making the video they can just hit the button and have them win big. If they’re not that smart they just raise the weights of big wins site wide for the duration of the streamer making the promotional video and this is probably why so many people who use these sites complain about them claiming to have ‘lost’ their inventory when they go to cash out.”

In case anyone is wondering it should be made clear that these sites do not stock the items. “When you hear about people waiting for item payouts for up to seven days it’s usually because of Steam Market restrictions” David explained. “30 days or more and I’d probably say, yeah, it’s a scam. Same goes for any site that uses PhP and has tokens… These sites cannot “lose” inventory items, especially when working in conjunction with the provably fair system, because each win has a token. If they claim they can’t find it in their history or the item has disappeared they are lying.”

Many of these sites advertise that they are using a “Provably Fair” system. In simple terms this is an algorithm that is generated for every “spin” on an online gambling site that shows the interaction between bettor and service operator and can also be assessed for fairness. They are encrypted so neither a bettor nor a service provider can know the outcome in advance. However, as we’ve seen with some of the previously mentioned skin gambling sites, the provably fair system can be gamed to rig outcomes for both the site owner and those who are sponsored by the site. It seems that a case opening site has the same vulnerabilities.

“The site’s “Provably Fair” system gives you a unique token for every spin that is made but what it wouldn’t reveal is the weight that the site owner can manually input” David states. “It also wouldn’t reveal any spins that were not on that system… And yes, people with the right level of access can make spins that don’t show on the system. The system also cleans itself of records after either 10 or 14 days, so it’s going to be almost impossible for people to check up on this. It’s just a bullshit system to pretend that something is fair basically.”

What we saw that these sites operate like the personal playthings of their owners, filled with features that enable them to maximise profits and even outright steal from their customers at the touch of a button. All the protections and guarantees you get from the Valve cases are gone and even though online is filled with hundreds of complaints as long as the majority avoid having a negative experience there will be plenty of people who vouch for the legitimacy of these case opening sites. The majority of them won’t ever be aware of the measures that were taken against them.

David did say that he felt this industry wouldn’t last long, especially once people knew how the sites worked. We’ll certainly be forwarding all of our information to any legal entities that will be interested. Regardless though, David insists that these sites can only continue to exist due to two things, and if either were to go away, their business models would be fatally compromised. “G2A Pay is one of these essential components” he says “because they deal directly in skins, which is something no other financial service does… Not banks, not Paypal, none of the companies like Paypal. They offer a unique service when it comes to offloading skins quickly for money.”

Of course the other one is the Steam API itself. People having open access to it has been instrumental in so many amazing third party features and services coming into existence, many of which have now become part of the CS:GO landscape. When it also enables sites such as these though, Valve may want to step in and treat them in the same manner they did with the skin casinos. No pun intended, but there might just be a solid case for it.


    • Everyone should have known for years now that all of this shit is a pile of scams. It couldn’t be more obvious when channels promote a site and win right during their stream or video. But people easily forget that gambling is a business, not a charity. It’s designed to make money from you, not for you. They deliberately design the odds so that the losers will significantly outnumber the winners. Any gambling business does this. Yes every now and then 1 guy will win a jackpot, but 1,000 others put money in and got nothing back. You could think of it as 1,000 sticks, but only 1 carrot.

      • Totally agreed. The funniest thing is that the amount of these shady and scammy sites gets bigger and bigger. And people keep supporting most of those “honest” youtubers,streamers, who open cases on these kind of sites and get “huge” winnings to make it look like the best site in the world to gamble on. But to be honest, this is not only about a case-opening, this is about all the gambling sites where you play against the house. I honestly hope that gambling in csgo gets completely shut down, because greedy fucks keep getting money from the kids that watch them and gamble on “legit” sites.
        I’ve known this for a long time, but this article is still useful and thank you very much Richard Lewis.

  1. Great article. First we saw trade scams, tens of types. Then direct hacks, and scamming gambling sites. Later, a few more user-directed scams. And now fake outcomes of cases.

    Take the hint today folks. Skin gambling is always too risky, no point in playing when the house never looses.

    • The house never loses, but that doesn’t mean an induvidual can’t make profit from it. I went from a M9 bayonet doppler to a FT dragon lore yesterday and I cashed out. It’s not that sites are ‘rigged’ or anything, but people only want more and more, that’s why they always end up losing and blame the sites. I do not recommend gambling, but I am not saying it’s bad / rigged.

      • Gambling on its own is fine, if done moderately. One thing to note is that this is mass-advertised to minors and the vast majority of people gambling are kids with their savings and lunch money, if that sounds like an exaggeration im talking from experience doing it myself years ago and plenty of friends.

        I’d say in its current climate the odds are more 10%-20% of making a profit rather than the normal 49:51 48:52 etc etc

      • Did you even read the article, many of the sites had actually 0 chance to win high value items (despite advertising you could) and gave favorable outcomes to streamers. This is textbook “rigging”.

    • Can confirm, sadly I was a dev for a couple csgo sites, and you would not believe the youtuber’s I have met that were completely fine with receiving back end controls. I still have voice recordings from discord and the site code (bots), (algorithms)… Very shady business indeed.

    • I mean I’ve always profited from skin hub I understand these sites can be rigged but I feel like they r less rigged than valve cases tbh

          • Skinhub is the one site I would say is genuine in my days of trauling through the case spinning paddocks. Sure, house has advantage overall, that’s where they make their money but just like a casino, an individual can profit heavily.
            I do despise any site that is straight up rig switching though.

      • The chances of winning the IRL jackpot is bigger than the chance of getting a knife from valve cases. Like the cobblestone case. It costs 700$ and the chance of making from 50-800 dollars profit is around 0.08

  2. When will Valve crack down on these guys? This is basically just the next form of skin gambling roulette sites. I can’t believe Reddit accepts money from scummy sites like skinsjar and lets them advertise their fraudulent and misleading services.

    • Trading websites aren’t too scummy, of course they earn a few bucks from each trade but they have to make profit for it to work

    • They can’t, valve have the exact same case opening feature within their game, although their system doesn’t use this loophole to make easy money. If valve we’re to remove these sites it would hypocritical no?

      • I think you missed the point, valve’s odds however “unfair” are the same across the board and are universally known to not be a way to make a profit. The difference is these sites have absolutely no legal obligations and can rig the odds however low, this creating a murky territory where the users don’t know whether the site they are using is rigged or designed to fuck them in the ass 100% of the time; because none of these sites are here to make you profit.

        You could say Valve have backdoor access to the odds, etc and can rig but that would be conspiracy theory territory. In conclusion I’d say with Valve you know you’re gonna loose and valve don’t claim otherwise, with these unethical sites your money is unsafe and is likely to end up in a scammers pocket.

        Both are scummy but these sites don’t have any legal or ethical obligation to their user-base.

        • “Valve’s odds however “unfair” are the same across the board and are universally known to not be a way to make a profit”
          You’re joking right? profiting is the whole point of skin cases. I have no contribution to the topic of scam websites, but that sentence is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while.

          • Haha. No. Valve gives you a colored shinny skin when you open a crate. Also, the value of the skins are regulated by the Steam Market: users like me and you by buying or selling.
            The dumbest thing I heard is ” profiting is the whole point of skin cases”. I bet you are rich from opening cases /s

          • justk – You’re kidding, right? You think opening official CS:GO cases is intended to make you a profit? Now THAT is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while.

          • Profiting is the point of the cases from Valve’s perspective. At the end of the day it is only the consumer who likes a pretty weapon that drives the skin market. You can B every motivated by profit and that may be a good thing. But if you make profit Valve does as well because you bought with real money their virtual items that can only stay as virtual cash. TBH it makes sense for people to think they can make profit out of sins so Valve can get even more money.

    • skinsjar can be alright esp. when youre in a hurry, they lowballed me for about 10$ in a 300$ trade but im fine with that since i didnt have time to wait for trade offers

  3. didn’ ‘appen

    Loving the content mate. Fuck these guys honestly. Targeted children and people who know very little.

  4. this must be similar to gambling cuz csgoroll’s owner joe was online when anomaly was gambling and he won like 20,000

    • Yea almost every semi-large YouTuber is offered ludicrous amounts of money to advertise these websites, sad to see so many get sucked in. But can you blame someone who’s trying to get his father out of a health-hazardous job

      • Yes, you can! It’s not fair to use your fans to gain money from a business model that acts obviously shady, if not illegal.

        But tbh; Who of us would say “No” to a 10k€ “sponsorship”? I certainly wouldn’t, no matter what.

  5. It’s nice to see it proven, but this was obvious to any person who isn’t a naive idiot. Why the hell would you gamble in a site that has NO rules or regulations. Look at when Anomaly gambles, he wins shitloads, his friends get fuck all, they gamble at the same time, numerous times.

    I don’t understand how these people live with themselves. Is money that important that you want to wreck lives?

  6. CSGO is becoming such a joke in terms of entertainment. Even after all the skin fiascos DaZeD youtubes channel is still basically a scam site commercial and even though his last sponsor was proven to be a scamsite he’s still taking on offers and promoting the next one. In the meanwhile JasonR is abandoning Rank S matches because he needs to spend more time promoting his gamble sites. One of the only streamers left on Twitch and he’s still baiting in his underaged audience on these sketchy sites as if it’s early 2016.

    It’s like noone even remembers…the article hits the nail on its head but it’s like people want to get robbed at this point. What more can you do ?

    • You shouldn’t start bashing people left and right because of what they are doing. It is scummy but this is their life, this is how they make money and support themselves. If you got offered 20k to make a video or 2h stream on a rigged gambling site, you’re a dirty liar if you’d say no. 1/3 of an average annual salary for a 2h video.

      • “If you got offered 20k to make a video or 2h stream on a rigged gambling site, you’re a dirty liar if you’d say no. ”

        1. You’re litteraly baiting in your younger audience (which is morally already fucked up in a way just to make a better living yourself, but justifiable in a way)
        2. The least you can do is make sure that the site is actually legit without just accepting the cash and promote it. The reason they’re throwing those numbers at the streamers is because they are litteraly buying their morals because they know those sites are going to be scamming the people he’s luring in. That hypothetical 20k number didn’t grow from trees, it comes from the people you are helping to get scammed which is your own fucking audience…
        3. I’ve worked for long enough now and know that money doesn’t mean shit. If you make a comfortable living and arn’t too materialistic you can easily turn down such a number if you realise why it is so high. By that logic you’re willing to rob people if someone offered you enough money for it. The only difference here is that it’s in a grey area and you won’t get in trouble for it.
        4. It isn’t their livelyhood. The reason why they get the offers is because they are already making money by being popular figures with big channels. It’s just a matter of wanting more and more money (which is fine really, you want to have a stable networth so you can fall of to some reserve funds incase your channel goes downhill) but there are plenty of legit sponsor offers to take. Yes they probably won’t pay as extreme as skin gamble sites but the price is high for a reason…

        Maintain status as a trustworthy person and keep your content of the same quality why people initialy started following you OR sell your morals + integrity and start redirecting them to a gamble site (which you know has a large chance of not being legit) so you can get their blood money? Easy choice for me from what I can see, I can’t fully speak on what it would be like once you’re in such a position and you get it offered but the least you can do is try and make as sure as possible that the site is actually legit. You do realise that there are plenty of big YouTube channels out there that get the same offers but turn them down for moral reasons ? You don’t have to scam little kids to make a living through live (not even if you want to live extremely comfortably) and especially not if you’re as big as these personalities are. I mean you can call 3kliksphilip and all the other ones liars all you want but that doesn’t take away that they are in fact rejecting those offers. I havn’t seen a single CSGO skin gamble site promoted on this website either, you calling Richard Lewis a liar too or do you really think he never got offers ?

  7. Really good article Richard, had one of my mates drop “leftover skins” on one of these sites while I was in discord with him. I can’t convince him as a peer but its sad to see from the outside how much this is dragging people in under the umbrella of “fun” and a chance to get skins

  8. I thought, everyone knows about it) I have found one review site, where is collected a lot of gambling services. By myself I used half of them, and I can say with confidence, they are not the scammers, but of course they have some profit. All of us want to earn money also as these sites.

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  10. I find it hard to believe that ‘all’ the case openers work this way. Especially since to stay in business even a legit one would have to beat you more than it loses. (Like a casino) I wonder how many people just don’t get how odds work when they start using case openers

  11. Great article Richard, thanks for this and your diligence regarding the eSport community.

    The amount of money that has been scammed regarding Skins is just staggering, and all VALVe care about is a few hundred $$$ IBP threw in a useless online match. They’re banned for life so everything is good, skins are safe, betting is safe, CSGO is safe!

    But the literally hundreds of thousands of people getting scammed (if not way more) a lot of them underage no doubt, they don’t care, this is really something that gets your blood boiling. There are so many scam sites, scam artists etc trying to surf the jet-stream of valves popularity, these are the types of projects and people they should be going after, banning PER NAME and FOR LIFE any and all commercial activities regarding their IPs, but nah..

    It’s so sad how far VALVE has fallen. We should have trusted our gut when they transferred Counter-Strike to STEAM, a lot of us did “fight” it to begin with, but essentially they killed WON so you had no choice but to get a steam ID to play CS.

    Lesson learned hopefully, but I doubt it, almost all CSGO teams, CSGO pros, and other personalities that streams/creates content for CSGO, advertises one or more of these shitty case opening or skins sites.

  12. Skins in general are cancer. But csgo would be dead by now, maybe like 10k players monthly. Every little 13yo F**ker dreams about getting knife or something “cool” smh

  13. Thank you for continuing to keep an eye on the shady shit that goes on in esports when barely anyone else will. Can’t imagine how much effort you have to put in besides your work with Turner, but it is deeply, deeply appreciated.

  14. Let me preface this by saying there are exceptions to every rule and there are plenty of sites and individuals doing shady things. If there is anyone in this part of the cs:go community who doesn’t understand to question most everything they see about a site (through site provided ad or a content creator’s endorsement) they’re not using their brain. This phenomena was created as another form of entertainment for users and a form of income for creators, anyone going into a gambling site w/ the intent of making money is an idiot. Just like any form of gambling, the odds will be in the house’s favor 100% of the time, it’s about having a good time and maybe making some cash while you do it. The issue comes when individuals go onto a site they watched a creator “win big” on w/ the idea that they can do the same thing. Even IF the creator legitimately got lucky, there is no reason to expect the same because they hit very small odds. Any respectable content creator in this industry (which there are plenty of) will preface or post-face any of their non-sponsored videos with the notion that no one should expect to achieve what they did in the video and hold on to their money unless they’re just looking to have a good time. There are a few sites )that most everyone in this portion of the community are familiar with) that use a legitimate 3rd party real-time rng that you can view through the roll ticket and although the outcome will predominately favor the house (as with any form of gambling) it is 100% legitimate. The main issue is when content creators come out with a sponsored video in which they blatantly lie about their affiliation with a site, get a site dev to rig the outcome for the video, or release a highlight reel from their session with the site. As for the skin value compromising the integrity of professional e-sport events I completely agree, although it has a place outside the game, degrading integrity of e-sports in any way is completely destructive to our community as a whole. It’s hard enough to break into the mainstream media the last thing we need is to be set back by a greedy idiot. All this being said I appreciate the effort you put into your piece, it’s obvious you put a lot of time and resources into creating it.

    TLDR: Gambling negatively effects the entire E-sports community, case sites are a sham, don’t listen to youtubers, and only gamble if you have money to lose.

  15. I was excited to discover this web site. I want to to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely savored every part of it and I have you bookmarked to look at new information on your web site.

  16. You’re blanketing the entire fucking market of sites. I understand if people have a problem with all skin gambling sites in general but to say “they all work this way” is total bullshit. I know a handful of sites that I’ve been using for a long time, sometimes up and sometimes down just like a casino. I’ve won 0.01% items before from skinhub and rolled HUGE profit from CSGO big before. You’re looking for trouble by slandering literally all sites in one category.
    There is a bunch of bad apples in the industry but the genuine gambling services shouldn’t get dragged through the mud because of it, be careful what you say.

  17. It frustrates me to my core how many imbeciles run shit like this about “ALL” sites and complain about things that are just normal house odds. Some of these sites are pure evil but pushing them all together with “this is how THEY work” is dangerous and untrue.

    • Until there’s reliable lawful oversight that guarantees that there are no shenanigans in place, assuming ALL skin gambling sites operate this way is the only way not to be screwed over.

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  19. I have to watch that movie again, its loong time but i liked it.
    This is basically theft, you dont find many countries where this isnt illegal.
    EU, UK-who cares, USA…this is going to be big.

  20. There are some attention-grabbing closing dates on this article but I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There is some validity however I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want extra! Added to FeedBurner as properly

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